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Grace Ladoja and Barbie are Loving the Crew

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With the launch of ‘Barbie Fashionista’s’, a new and diverse line of dolls comprising of 23 wildly different new girls, featuring different eye colours, skin tones and facial structures, film maker Grace Ladoja (famed for creating videos for the likes of Skepta and FKA Twigs) teamed up with her own posse of fierce and fabulous women to create a video to celebrate the individuality and power of women, and their strength in numbers.

Featuring plus size model Naomi Shimada (famed for her proclamation that ‘THE SISTERHOOD IS REAL’) stylist Carri Munden, model and Supreme muse Shakira Kali, writer Harriet Verney and  WAH nails founder Sharmadean Reid, Ladoja’s words in the finale really sum it up

“Unity I guess is just having a crew of all your amazing friends around you – everyone’s forwarding together, elevating together, supporting each other; it’s just like a unified movement.”

Grace Ladoja really is loving her crew, and with damn good reason… check out the video below

Words: Donna Spiers

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