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This is Not Ok

 | Category: What is in the Air

On Saturday the 9th of August 2014 an 18 year old boy named Michael Brown was unlawfully shot down by police in St Louis, Missouri. He was unarmed, by all accounts had done nothing wrong, had his hands up at the time the killshot was fired and was shot four more times after he fell.
The officer responsible has not yet been held accountable for his actions, sparking peaceful protest from the residents of St Louis. Their demands were simple: that the officer in question be named and reprimanded. These peaceful protests have been met with armed response units, rubber bullets, helicopters and tear gas. The media has only just been able to begin to report on this situation, with previous reports of St Louis PD arresting reporters attempting to cover the protests.
This sort of thing should not be happening. The images above depict an incident at a protest in 1964 and a photograph taken just days ago. Picture quality aside, the similarities are terrifying.
Is this really 2014? We are supposed to have evolved and this is really not ok.

Words: Donna Spiers

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