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Barbican /Station to station /Doug Aitkins/Michèle Lamy Colab . 30 days and counting …

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Artist Michèle Lamy played host to a one day only event that titillated all 5 senses at the Barbican gallery, featuring Afro fusion dishes and a soundtrack for the day created by UNKLE founder, musician and curatot James Lavelle mixed live at the event.
Our very own editor in chief Karen Binns was lucky enough to be in attendance… see her take on the event below…
The perfect Saturday afternoon ..
I had no problem , getting my uber over to see what was going on
At the barbican with Ms Lamy …, well worth the effort ..
I arrived , smelling amazing cooking , from the chosen chef  Dieuveil Malonga
Serving small Afro fusion bites .just to get you into the mood of the experience ahead..
Just after, sipping the proseco , I was escorted into the huge square ,
screening room ….it was Off TheChart …… Blazing ,
This is how you get ones full attention …space, comfort , exhilaration …
Spread throughout the room were bean bags and benches , the best way to watch ,
Doug Aitkins interviewing the artists of his choice …
There’s more …..
Then I hit the decks with the producer , James Levelle …in the Studio room
… While  , Michèle and Gareth Pugh recite , live and direct … Over the beats ..
Legendary ..
Don’t miss the rest of this 30 day art event …. It’s worth the uber ride ..


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