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WhatsNewscast: Vintage, The New Purchase ….Lucy In Disguise

 | Category: Fashion

Lucy In Disguise is the newly opened unique concept store by Lily Allen and Sarah Owen. The store is based around the character of a girl named Lucy, and shoppers are able to dive into Lucy’s wardrobe to hire or buy beautiful vintage goodies from the 20s all the way through to the 1990s.

The last 10 months have been spent with Lily and Sarah trawling through vintage fairs and markets around the world, to find the best vintage pieces to bring to their new 3000sqft Covent Garden store.

The store itself is based on the concept of a fashion savvy fictional character named….you guessed it…Lucy. The lovely Lucy has travelled the world through the decades, from the 1920s to the naughty 90s, collecting beautiful pieces from Chanel, Biba and Ossie Clark. Now customers are able to browse through her vintage wardrobes and buy her beautiful pieces.

Lucy In Disguise Changing Rooms

The store itself is laid out in the style of Lucy’s apartment, and is split into decades, such as the 1920s boudoir and her 1960s living room, fully equipped with a PlayStation that the guys can play, whilst the ladies shop.

The store is a completely refreshing and unique to Covent Garden. The store is open late so the ladies can grab their outfit and hit the town straight away. Within Lucy In Disguise is the ‘…With Diamonds’ beauty salon and the Grey Goose bar, perfect for sipping cocktails whilst your getting your hair and make up done.

Lucy In Disguise Store

Lily Allen says: “Finally – an idea that was basically a great store name, my personal wardrobe and a shared love of clothes is becoming a fantastic reality in the shape of a brand new store in Covent Garden.
We have worked so hard on this launch that it is difficult to feel excitement. Hopefully once the store is finished and the stock is out we will be able to enjoy it. We hope everybody comes and visits us at the store and that everyone loves Lucy as much as we do…”

Surely with this fabulously unique store, we won’t have to disguise our feelings, as it’s certain we’ll all be loving Lucy…a lot.

Check out http://www.lucyindisguiselondon.com for more information.

David Mahoney
Online Editor

Stylist – Karen Binns
Make Up – Norah Nona using MAC
Make Up Assistant – Nadia Braz
Hair – Vernon Francoise
Model – Indigo Goss.
Photographer – Anya Holdstock
Photographer’s Assistant – Caroline Johnson

For all news and press updates, please contact David Mahoney at david.mahoney@what-mag.co.uk

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