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What?! Views : The Perfect Drug

 | Category: Fashion

Ana Maria Pacheco

The perfect remedy for hangovers, depression, arguments with your lover, and totally insane parking tickets is a casual trip to the art fair.

Christopher Schmidberger, Gavin Tremlett, Emily young

Kevin Sinnott, Sarah Hardacre, Ralph Fleck

Agnes Toth, Lisa Wright, Simon Casson

Allen Jones, Keith Vaughan, Zak Ove

It can help to escape the worst of realities in your everyday life. Like music, art forms are what the soul needs to tap into,now and then, if only to allow your dreams to evaporate into the atmosphere before your eyes.

After my hangover, from Paris Menswear Fashion Week , it was the best pain killer i have ever taken.

Amongst some of the most innovative artist exhibiting at the London Art Fair at Islingtion’s Business Design Center, there were twelve artists, that totally took me out of my mood of a dreary sunday afternoon, and submerged me into dreamland.

by Karen Binns.

Editor and Publisher


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