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What?! : Viewpoints of Fashion Month Part One

 | Category: Fashion

Christian Gregersen and Christian Maibom of The Gallery, Fashion Fair, Copenhagen

COPENHAGEN FASHION WEEK A/W 2011/12 sponsored by the GALLERY Fashion Fair. What?! Magazine’s Editor Karen Binns enjoys her invitation to Copenhagen’s Winter 2011 fashion week. Here are What?! Magazines top 8 catwalk shows of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

On arrival at Copenhagen’s airport meeting point, I immediately felt their fashion week aesthetic. I was greeted by the Gallery Fashion Fair on arrival . This is how fashion week should be, for the press and buyers that come from abroad. I felt an instant welcome and was rushed away into a taxi to my hotel. Where my direct contact to the gallery team was waiting for me. A local, but international creative director Xavier Moreales, founder of the company Privatepublic, a native new yorker, living and working in Copenhagen and throughout the Netherlands.

The hotel was great and , on arrival, along with my room key,was my schedule , at the front desk, with info and invites to all of the
catwalk shows and presentations, as well as the evening events.

Without fail, a car is waiting to chauffeur me to all of the shows and events for the day. I started at one of my favourite shows, listed below, the designer label Jean Phillip. It was showcased outdoors in front of the oldest amusement park in Copenhagen, that delivered an amazing and fresh atmospheree for my first show, it totally felt like I was in a different world.

By the fourth show of the day, I was kidnapped by the CEO of the Gallery Fashion Fair Christian Gregersen, who then escorted me around for the rest of the evenings events.

There seams to be no limit to the way they enjoy their fashion week, each show is sponsored by champagne,
and it doesn’t stop flowing until you arrive at your hotel…and that is if you can make it to your room in one piece.

What can I say, it was a great experience to see how they roll during fashion week, organised, open, and
dedicated to the foreign press, with energy and enthusiasm.


A dark, but interesting approach to jersey and leather combined sportswear, with asymmetrical cuts and details generously added. A fantastic interpretation of black on black


A fresh and more casual collection, using jersey and wool knitwear to create a lighter and more colourful theme to the cross gender intellectual. Their in proportion and shape, reflects the freeness of their culture.


I felt the cold and cool weather through this show. Really loved the more modest, layered glamour of the daytime, bordering on the line between the Nordic and Japanese culture.


Menswear at its peak. The show was cool, casual, and informative. The casting reinvented the look for boys and men at the same time, using wool like its silk, and staying free within the gender. Structured coats and jackets, alongside the relaxed sweater trousers and all in ones, using blacks, oatmeal’s and navy, which created a great winter atmosphere.


This is a young and inventive collection bringing back student art-based street wear, with wool
kaftan’s for boys and added Turkish top hats for that full on effect of the afro/asian culture. Simple beige and browns with navy wool gave a more organised and direct approach to this sportswear collection, no trick-or-treat added attractions just simple and sharp.


A diversity of colour and theme,great cuts in jumpsuits and separates. Multi-patterned dresses and jumpsuits, gave this collection a retro feeling from the 1930’s art deco era with matching saucer hats, you felt there was a hint of the late 1970s.


This is one of the more internationally successful brands from Copenhagen, the show was an amazing interpretation of the commercial aesthetic with an art/film backdrop reflecting the well dressed woman and the polished man. The women’s collection using silks and wools together for a great palette of day dressing, and the menswear, totally accenting the women’s collection, with strong sportswear and an avant garde conservative version of suits. A sharp show.

Karen Binns
For all news and press updates, please contact Karen Binns at karen.binns@what-mag.co.uk

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