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What?! Talks To Oggy Yordanov at New Club Kids Book Launch

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Oggy Yordanov at launch of his book ‘New Club Kids’

“I would like to thank everyone who made it to the book launch last Thursday it was such a great night, great success. I was delighted to see all these faces in one place, many of whom I do not know personally, but you’re all in my book and it was great to share this special moment with special people.” stated Oggy Yordanov at the launch of his new book ‘New Club Kids’. The party was held at Junk club in Soho.

What?!: What first inspired you to start taking the photographs of the New Club Kids?
Oggy: When I started taking these photographs, I did not plan to have them published. When I first moved to London and started going out and seeing all these interesting people who would put so much effort in their outfit for the night, I was rather impressed. In the beginning I was taking pictures mainly for my own archive and for reference and of course, because a lot of these people were friends of mine and it was the time when MySpace and other social networks were not even around. The best thing is that all these years, I have been going to these parties and taking these photographs for fun. It had never been a job, though it turned into a habit.

What?!: What led you to eventually turning your photographs into a book?
Oggy: I was approached by Prestel, which is a very respected publishing house, to do this book, I was really honoured and content that finally these pictures will have a life in their own right. I had to go through thousands of images and select the ones that make the most impact and represent this scene accurately, and though most are recent, of course I included some of the early ones from 2002-2003 when the scene was still in its early awakening days, much smaller but nevertheless impressive. I wish I knew back then that I will make a book documenting the scene, so I could have more of Kashpoint and Nag Nag Nag or Boombox, where I had to sneak-in a pocket camera as it was a big NO to take pictures inside, but luckily, we have some record of those clubs in the book too.

What?!: Was there anybody who helped and inspired you when creating the book?
Oggy: I would like to thank Princess Julia for our incredible interview in which she gave me a great insight into the old days and the times past. which I had not had the chance to experience myself. To The House Of Fierce Nest and The House of Blue Eyes, Steve Strange and Rosemary Turner, Jodie Harsh, Daniel Lismore, Johanna and all party promoters and people who made this scene so colourful, fantastical and unique – big THANK YOU and please, keep the spark, don’t ever change. Be as crazy as you are now. Forever.”

You can find ‘New Club Kids’ in all good bookstores around the world. Barnes & Noble (New York), Waterstones (UK), Colette (Paris) and many more.
Visit http://www.londonclubkids.com for updates and online purchases and more info.

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