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What?! Loves – Damien Hirst x The Row for Just One Eye

 | Category: Fashion

We at What?! love when fashion and art come together as one unanimous being to create on singular masterpiece, we also love luxury and lots of it. It’s this reason that it’s a pleasant and welcome surprise to see Damien Hirst collaborate with the Olsen Twins’ much respected line ‘The Row’ to create these backpack wonders exclusively for online luxury retailer Just One Eye.

This is the first curated artistic collaboration that Just One Eye has done, with Just One Eye co-founder Paola Russo stating : “We are long time admirers of both Damien and The Row’s work and our main focus here is to nurture work between artists working in different mediums. We couldn’t have dreamed of a better way to start this series of partnerships”, and nor could we.

The limited set of backpacks are focused on The Row’s black patent Nile crocodile leather backpack, a simply elegant and sophisticated cool, bursting with a cheeky street style nod. However these bags have been re-invented with the inclusion of Hirst’s signature multi-coloured dots and pills. The stark contrast between the two parties involved clash and produce wonderful results.

The bags still maintain their classic aesthetic, yet the sharp bolts of colour and edgy pills almost feel as though they have been meticulously graffitied onto these bags, completely re-working and re-envisioning a classic style for The Row. Our particular favourites, are of course, the multi-coloured pill version, but also the all over black style, and just for the sheer fun, the gold dot design.

These are simply, in one serious word : cool. Without a doubt, these could be the most talked about bags of late, and show a blossoming and wonderful birth to the collaborations Just One Eye will bring to our futures.

Please visit http://www.justoneeye.com for more information.

David Mahoney
Online Editor

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