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What?! International Fashion Week Roundup – New York

 | Category: Fashion

Marc Jacobs

What?!’s top collections for Autumn/Winter 2012/13.

New York Fashion Week was a refreshing surprise this season. For a long time now, the collections coming from New York have been super safe in every way. Always the perfect streamline cut, the one and only hair do and make up, clean and simple and just the right fabric choice and color, that doesn’t offend. Always well done and expensive, yet a bit predictable.

This season? Now that’s what I’m talking about. New cuts, new fabric choices, more risk
and excitement in cuts, colors, and aesthetics. From the whimsical madam of 1910 from Marc Jacobs to the craftsmenship and color of Rodarte, New York has finally taken on the no fear factor.

Exciting new fabric choices in bold colours and patterns.

Marc Jacobs



Alexander Wang

Supercool sensuality using new line arrangements with soft colours.

Vera Wang



Victoria Beckham

Wearable architectural cuts using new techniques.

Proenza Schouler

Zero + Maria Cornejo


by Karen Binns
Editor and Publisher

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