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What?! Fashion – The Listener by Uniforms for the Dedicated

 | Category: Fashion

The Listener from Uniforms for the Dedicated on Vimeo.

We’re drawn and mesmerised by this new short fashion film from Uniforms for the Dedicated. Set to a simple soundtrack, the newest collection is showcased through the form of acrobats, slowed down to show it’s intricate physicality. The title ‘The Listener’ is the title to the collection and conceptual work this season. The brand had wanted to focus on their take of the “importance and beauty of storytelling”. This video is a shining example of beauty and storytelling with modern circus men Eos, Aaron and Valia, telling their story through their acrobat art.

The brand has stated: “We choose to slow down and simply listen, believing in the correlation between inspiration, perception and real action. This way of slowing down allows us to acknowledge what is going on around and within ourselves. In today’s world of intense information flow we find this increasingly relevant.”

Uniforms of the Dedicated are a collective of artists, musicians, film makers and designers that provide inspiration for the clothing line along with stand alone projects under the creative umbrella of the brand. Not only is the video a wonderful and well shot short, but it also shows the newest collection in a beautiful and unique way, further cementing the fact that fashion film is the way forward.

David Mahoney | Online Editor | david.mahoney@what-mag.co.uk

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