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What?! Congratulates Diane Pernet

 | Category: Fashion

Friend of What?! Magazine, creator of website A Shaded View of Fashion and fashion icon, Diane Pernet has been awarded the prestigious FAD medal in Spain.

Previously a photographer and fashion designer, Diane Pernet is a fashion critic and video journalist known worldwide for her style and her blog ‘A Shaded View on Fashion’, which is a must read site for anyone in the fashion world. Pernet now acts as a documentary film-maker, talent scout along with her extensive work for her blog. Along with her website, Pernet is also the curator of ASVOFF (A Shaded View on Fashion Film), a fashion film festival celebrating unique and creative fashion film.

This April saw Diane win the prestigious FAD (Fostering Arts and Design) Medal in Spain. FAD works on embracing multiple design disciplines, including graphic design, architecture and fashion and art to name a few. Working as a non-profit organisation, FAD hand out the FAD Medal to those who are creative leaders who have demonstrated outstanding life long careers whilst providing pivotal contributions to social and cultural activites within the last twelve months.

The chairman of FAD, Mr Miquel Espinet summarised the board of directors decision to award Diane the award by stating: “We would need thousands of adjectives to define one of the best-drawn careers in the fashion world. Diane Pernet is versatile, multidisciplinary and innovative. As a designer, fashion editor, talent scout, an exquisite critic in the fashion world and a guru of creativity, she defines trends and practically invented the profession of the fashion blogger.”

Upon receiving the award, Diane Pernot responded with the following: “It goes without saying that I’m touched, humbled and honoured to receive the FAD Medal. To be recognised by such a venerated, historic institution is a sign of encouragement that I’ll pass on to all those who have helped and inspired me along the way. I’d like to thank the FAD for giving me this boost of invigoration. I’ll put it to good use by continuing to push forward.”

We at What?! are delighted Diane Pernot has been recognised for her contributions to the fashion world, and would like to pass on our sincerest congratulations.

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by David Mahoney
Online Editor

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