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What?! Behind The Scenes: Shooting The Cover

 | Category: Fashion

What?! Magazine Behind The Scenes Issue 6 from What? on Vimeo.

Check out this new behind the scenes video from the photo shoot featured on the cover of the new What? Magazine. Karen Binns, editor of What? magazine, sits down and talks about the magazine, the look, the feel, the language behind the magazine, the new issue and what, What?! is about…

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One thought on “What?! Behind The Scenes: Shooting The Cover

  1. simona sottini says:

    darling, the future is the past for you…you are so forword now that must be almost impossible for most of the people to even try to understand what you are pushing…but I tell you , you have no limit …. and your creativity has never been more pawerful … I’m with you and I’m feeling it to the foollest … let me tell you … with this shooting you let me speach less . love that & love you . Don’t let anybody stop you ’cause nobody makes it like you do . your sis. Simo

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