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What?! Beauty : Needlepoint

 | Category: Beauty, Fashion

Photographer: Carlos Lumiere. Make-up: Nora Nona using Frankincense Facial Mist Model: Holly Muir

On What? Magazine’s cover photo shoot, I had a chat with the renowned Acupuncturist Mairé Weaver, who gave me some insights into her journey, her practice, and the art of 5 Element Acupuncture and Facial Revitalising Treatment. Check out our behind the scenes video underneath the cut.

KK – What does Facial Revitalising Treatment mean?
MW- This is a holistic treatment to treat the whole person on every level. Instead of having Botox to freeze the muscles or Restylane or surgery, acupuncture can help to restore and bring energy to the facial muscles. Acupuncture treats from within; it treats the body, mind and spirit as well as the external, which brings balance. I believe that when we are feeling balanced it really shows, so you can be out at a party in your Lanvin dress and you feel beautiful from within and if someone is happy you can see it in their eyes.
KK – What made you get involved with 5 Element Acupuncture?
MW – 14 years ago I went for treatment out of curiosity, and I was so amazed at how powerful it was and how good I felt afterwards, I decided to train myself. It was a three year course and it completely changed my life; I just knew it was the right thing for me. I am privileged that I get to meet amazing people from many different walks of life and I see fantastic transformations…it’s very rewarding. For instance I work with infertility and there is nothing better than helping couples create a beautiful baby.
KK – Regarding the race against time, would you agree that perhaps women have it harder than men?
MW – Now there are so many men going down the same route as women with regard to this. I think it’s a little sad that everyone is chasing youth. In Chinese culture and medicine, older women, late 40-50s, are revered and treated with respect because it is thought that they have more life experience and wisdom. Somehow now it seems to have gone the other way! You only have to look at the popular magazines or switch on the TV to see all these frozen faces.

KK – What would you say to women struggling with that battle?
MW – I would say look after yourself, nurture your soul, and laugh as much as you can. I think laughter lines can be very attractive, much better than having a smooth face and being boring.
KK – From a holistic standpoint, what do you think of the fashion industry?
MW – This is a particularly difficult industry, it is not for the faint hearted. It’s fabulous and very fast moving and of course it’s fantasy. It’s so wonderful to be part of it, the glamour etc, but I think you would have to be a strong character to stay grounded and have a sense of humour; there are an awful lot of egos out there!
KK – How can a busy city girl reconnect?
MW – Nature…connecting with nature is grounding. A walk in the park can be a very
good start. It’s also very important to stay in the present, don’t put happiness off until you meet the right man or have the right job etc…live for today! We are so busy rushing around; sometimes we miss great chunks of our lives. If you can do something for yourself, maybe meditation or acupuncture treatment it can really be life changing. When we are balanced it shows in your eyes and that really is beautiful.

Interview by Kavita Kaul
Beauty Writer

Needlepoint from What? on Vimeo.

Mairé Weaver Lic.Ac.MBAcC
14 St Georgeʼs Mews
Primrose Hill
London NW1 8XE
0208 930 8846

2 thoughts on “What?! Beauty : Needlepoint

  1. Jacqueline Meere says:

    Maire, you’re a natural! Beautiful and perfect on camera. Congratulations.

  2. Jay Lowdon says:

    Maire Weaver changed my life…amazing woman!

    This woman is an inspiration, and institution and sent from heaven. Maire, never stop sharing your amazing gifts!

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