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What?! Beauty – Make Up at A/W 2011 Collections

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What?! Magazine takes a look at 3 make-up artist that made a noise over fashion week.


James Riley key make-up artist for Louise Gray gave us a witty, colorfully, playfulness with his make-up design.

It put me in mind of Damien Hirst, Colour dots.

When looking at all the models together they where as much alike as they where dissimilar.

For art to be meaningful, captivating and ultimately worth looking at, it should touch the viewer in some way, appeal to a memory, feeling or idea.

James Riley’s work, took me to that moment of childish play, where the eyes widen with excitement, where color is concerned. Seeing all the models together was an interesting and stimulating experience.

Ben Heine

3-D dimensional appearance made up with dots


Alex Box
The art from of paper cutting, Kirgami is as diverse as any art from.

As Alex Box showed us with her innovative make-up design for Gareth Pugh which involved cutting metallic laser like paper which was then glued under the eyes.

The bespoke blue paper was retroreflective that turned pure white when the light hit it.

The make-up complimented this new collection beautifully.


Pat McGrath

Coca –cola and Andy Warhol pop art are just a few thoughts that spring to mind when watching the Viktor and Rolf show.

Pat Mcgrath sent models down the catwalk with a striking hot red face worked in a classic way.

What I love about Pat is her ability to refocus and revise application depending on the collection and designer she is working with at the time.

Norah Nona
Beauty Editor
For all beauty news and beauty press updates, please contact Norah Nona at norah.nona@what-mag.co.uk

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