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What?! Beauty Looks At Make – Up On The Catwalk

 | Category: Beauty, Fashion

Designers sent models down the catwalk with minimal make-up opting for a natural, fresh skin, which could mean we bin our foundation’s next summer and pay more attention to skin care.

Not so for…

Key make-up artist for Meadham Kirchhoff gave us a play of colour, which pulled me down the rabbit’s hole of Alice in Wonderland to the mad hatters tea party, and I was not going to be late.

Strong pigmentation splashed on to appear as if random.
Daring the viewer to question her vision of beauty.
I feel there could be a revival of pale blue 60s eye-colour.

Last season Mugler gave us the creature, and how beautiful was she.

This season he took us on a voyage into the future where no woman as gone before.

A insight into tomorrow’s woman. Mugler felt very totalitarian.

Gave us a very beautiful, clean, classic make-up with a twist of lime green glitter on brow with badge lips, just to brake up that uniformed look. Lime green glitter was repeated on the lip’s of some of the models.
Effortless chic


Spring/summer 2012 brings three new shades named April, May and June.
April is a rich fuchsia, June a summery tangerine May is a pretty shell pink.

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By Norah Nona, What?! Beauty Editor

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