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What?! Beauty – Flex Those Locks

 | Category: Fashion

Blow-drying; curling; setting; rolling; cutting; dying; tinting; straightening.

Most women do a combination of these things to their hair on a monthly, weekly, if not daily basis. Eventually the wear and tear of heat-treating and chemically processing hair takes its toll, but it doesn’t have to.

For those out there (don’t worry your secret is safe with us) who frequently tangle with their tresses, help is at hand.

Since 2009 the globally renowned brand KeraStraight have been breaking ground with impressive protein treatments to smooth and repair hair, leaving it frizz free and beautifully conditioned, and you can now find a fantastic new addition KeraStraight’s protein-packed family. A Protein Mask, a very clever, scientific protein mask that uses nanotechnology to give you the hair you always dreamed of.

What is nanotechnology? Well basically, the word ‘nano’ means extremely small, on a microscopic level, so particles that are ‘nano’…are beyond teeny tiny in size, and most importantly, in weight.

Using Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, the KeraStraight mask harnesses tonnes of these little low-weight protein particles to form a fine net around each hair shaft, and rebuild the hair’s inner strength and structure,genius! All the power that protein provides and none of the muscle-weight to drag down your hair.

As if the Protein Mask wasn’t nerdy enough, it gets smarter! For the following 48 hrs after use, Smart Performance technology means the ingredients will continue to work within your hair, restructuring fibres to a fabulous finish, without you having to lift a finger.

This mask is perfect for chemically treated, undernourished and weak hair as it will revive lack-lustre locks to their former glory.

Feeding your hair the Kerastraight Protein Mask couldn’t be easier: slather it on to towel-dried hair and leave for 5-20 minutes (depending on the damage), rinse and reveal gorgeously manageable and noticeably less frizzy, stronger hair.

Getting your mane into shape, couldn’t be easier.

By Kavita Kaul
Beauty Contributer

KeraStraight Protein Mask – £25 rrp for 100ml

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