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What?! Art – ART.VANDALISM – Gael Froget

 | Category: Culture, Fashion

With his art sitting on the edge of pop art and privitism, Gael Froget is an upcoming artist creating waves amongst the art scene, with his working being a unique blend of vandalism and gothic Warhol-ism. Born in on the island of Mauritius, before relocating to Kuala Lumpa to study fashion design, Gael is a self taught artist and started experimenting with art and paints out of sheer curiosity and as a hobby. Working mainly with the ideas of organised vandalism, Gael creates unique artworks focused around the themes of relationships, plastic surgery and violence whilst creating grotesque and sarcastic artwork that could simply be described as subversive pop art. It’s evident that throughout his work, the key ideas and elements of his work are blood, sadness, sex appeal, vibrant colours, and a raw finish, adding to the moodier textures of his work. What?! Magazine takes 5 minutes to speak to Gael about his blossming art career and inspirations.

In 2011 first showcased his art in The Twelve concept store in Kuala Lumpur where he was noticed by designer Bernard Chandran, who invited Gael to work on an original creation for Chandran’s Area 27 store. It was there that Gael creating an original painting on a t-shirt stating “Can You Wear Art?” It’s not just Chandran that caught young Gael’s talent, but also style icon and visionary Diane Pernet who posted his artwork on her well respected and viewed blog A Shaded View On Fashion.

1) What originally made you get into your unique style of art?

First, I started painting 3 years ago with mainly watercolour and then evolved into using acrylic and a bit of oil. These were my very first steps as an artist but have always been highly attracted by art. On the other side, since a young age I started scribbling around in books, news papers and magazines and I have always been amused by adding a moustache or pimples on a hot chicks face. This is how it all started, I turned these vandalism tendencies into something more arty and kept on evolving with that.

2) What inspires you and drives you to create your style? How did you come about your style?

I have always been inspired by the darker side of people, by the grotesque, the beautifuly ugly and primitive art. Works of artists like Picasso, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Vaco Baissac, Marilyn Manson have helped me to build my style as I am a fan of their work. I found my style very instinctively, the first factor to explain my style would be that I have never been a brillant art student, I have always been very poor and bad in life and figure drawing because I am not patient enough and it always bored me to have to respect proportions shapes, there are too many restrictions for someone who want to express himself. Then came the time when I started distorting and twisting everything I was drawing, keeping it minimal and I found myself very comfortable with this language.

3) Your work could be described as a gothic Warhol style, would you agree?

I guess that’s right, my work has always had this dark side even if it is very colourful. The pop art and Warhol feel, was brought up only very recently in my last series of vandalism where I wanted to explore computerising my work.

4) How would you describe your own art?

This is the toughest question! My work is what I am: instinctive, bold, simple and straight to the point. I also see it as a moving form of art, I constantly evolve by experimenting with new techninques, new subject with some kind of dark humour.

5) What are your future plans?

I am soon to be a fashion graduate and hope I can live from my art and fashion and keep on moving, meeting and working with inspiring people.

Gael is now currently working on various collaborations and in the process of organising new exhibitions to further showcase his unique, modern and gothically refreshing talent.

David Mahoney
Online Editor

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