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The Possible Feeling Of Winter 2010/2011 Part 2…Long Lasting Looks…

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As we are still in the cold months of winter, it’s important to stay in our fall winter wardrobe effect. The possible feeling of winter 2011 is still at hand, as it was in 1971, the importance of a more together wardrobe is mandatory to support us till spring.

This has also been the season of holding on to your currency ,as times are a little harder than usual, which explains the shoot at hand.

It’s always a plus to take care of the pieces in your wardrobe from the past. They can totally hook you up when you least expect it, especially when its important to appear more exclusive whilst running the streets .

The Possible Feeling of excitement in this shoot, is to take those pieces in your wardrobe that need dry cleaning and bust them out with the few new pieces you managed to get on sale and step through with a more
original look.

My worst nightmare is to go to dinner at a major restaurent or to a fabulous event, and someone else is wearing the same dress you are wearing ,which was purchased at the designer sale that you both went to last week. Who wants to be caught out…NO ONE.

So follow my advice, and dig into your closet for those pieces that never lose their worth to make your new look…newer.

Karen Binns ….

editor and publisher

Photographer – Carlos Lumiere
Assistant – David Blazquez
Stylist – Karen Binns
Assistant – Amy Still
Make Up – Norah Nona using mac cosmetics
Hair – Loreta Walley and Carly Quist for Clipsolondon
Model – Raisa Anane @ FM Agency
Look 1- Hat – Yves Saint Laurent, Black Body – American Aparell, Grey Wool Open Front Skirt – Vintage Martin Margiela, Boots – Gareth Pugh
Look 2- Black Wool One Arm Shawl – Vintage Martin Margiela, Black Body – American Apparel, Black Trousers -Gareth Pugh, Ostrich Feathers On Waist – Stylist Own, Shoes – Yves Saint Laurent
Look 3- Leather Jacket – Gareth Pugh, Black Body – American Apparel, Skirt – Georgia Hardinge, Trousers – Gareth Pugh.
Look 4- Hat – Nerida Fraiman, Dress – Hussien Chalayan, Shoes – Yves Saint Laurent .
Look 5- Navy Full-Length Velvet/Wool One Sided Top Dress – Vintage Martin Margiela, Black Lace Body – American Apparel, Black Fur/Leather Boots – Lanvin, Gloves – Emmanuel Katsaros .
Look 6- Dress – Morphe By Amit Aggarwal, Boots – Christian Louboutin

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