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Online Editors Note- What?! Is the New Beat?!

 | Category: Fashion, What is in the Air

The seasons are starting to change, and with a change in seasons comes a change in theme for us here at what?!

And while we’re making announcements, we at What?! are honoured to have on board as guest editor the award winning writer, novelist and critic, NEW YORKERS own HILTON ALS… Hilton has been contributing to the New Yorker for twenty years, a theatre critic for more than a decade. He was previously editor-at-large for Vibe magazine and staff writer at the Village Voice. Hilton is best and most recently known for his book ‘White Girls’ a discussion of the narratives around race and gender.

So let’s kick off with the briefest of history lessons – the Beat Generation was a movement back in the 50s that incorporated style, spoken word and art in a rebellion that was the vibe of the era.

It’s time to figure out 50 years on from the movement’s beginning, what exactly is the New ‘Beat’?



Words: Donna Spiers

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