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L’Oreal For Your Locks

 | Category: Fashion

Since being founded in 1909 the L’Oreal family has worried itself sick about looking after every hair follicle on your head. Fast forward to Fashion Week S/S 2011 and the talented Hair -Stylist Darren Fowler was seen backstage at Bernard Chandran, using none other than the latest L’Oreal products.

At the crack of dawn, Darren and the Clipso team spritzed, blow dried and teased the models’ tresses into perfection. “The feeling for Bernard’s show had a late ‘70s to early ‘80s vibe to it. To create this feeling we needed simplicity but with a classic twist that incorporated an urban feeling into the design.”
Using a selection from the newest released products in the Professionnel Texture Expert range, Darren knew these products would be perfect for creating a look that’s “effortless, but styled at the same time…the perfect accompaniment to Bernard’s collection”.
Containing pearl proteins to smooth hair, add sheen and radiance, these beautiful new additions also make sure to provide a protective UV filter as well as nourishing the hair with Vitamin E. Containing L’Oreal’s secret ingredient, Incell dives straight to the root of each hair to strengthen and care for every fibre.
“Before starting any hair creation, we need to create a strong foundation for the hair. This enables the hair to keep its shape, shine and versatility”. Texture Expert Smooth Essence “is a must-have for any session stylist at Fashion Week”. It’s a beautifully lightweight blow dry treatment that keeps hair soft and supple but tames frizz and gives fine, limp hair some oompf.

Moving on to the new Expansion Mousse, this is where the fun really starts. Targeting fine hair this volumising creamy mousse plumps each strand and adds that all important va-va-voom. Creating texture, long-lasting body and hold, the Expansion Mousse makes creating complex hair styles seem like child’s play.
These two products combined and blown into the models hair meant the preparations were complete and Darren was ready to sculpt and create the desired look.

Dipping into the Play Ball range the Play Ball Wax Smoothie spray was the next step. Applied to dry hair, a touch of this gives the hair a sexy, tousled, beachy look with a soft hold. “The hair was then brushed through, giving a light shine but enabling a defined finish. We decided on a low side ponytail wrapped into itself to create an accessory”. Then only a final misting of Anti Frizz Fizz Spray remained. This quick-dry frizz tamer secured the look as each girl rushed to get into their first looks.
Et voila! “It’s over the top styling. She is the ghetto Brooklyn girl, with the side pony-tailed hair, infused with a classic elegance. She is couture, she is over done, and she is drama”.

L’Oreal Products
Texture Expert Smooth Essence – 125ml, RRP £16.70
Expansion Mousse – 200 ml RRP £13.70
Play Ball Wax Smoothie Spray – RRP £11.50
Anti Frizz Fizz Spray – RRP £11.50

By Kavita Kaul

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