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LFW : Bernard Chandran

 | Category: Fashion

The newest collection from Bernard Chandran featured at the wonderfully intimate setting of Il Bottaccio, near the beautiful Hyde Park. What?! Magazine editor Karen Binns was on hand to provide the styling whilst our beauty editor Norah Nona was in charge of the make up for the show.

Bernard told that the inspiration for the show came from the fifties glamour he saw his mother create, stating: “I discovered myself through her younger days of the fifties, where they actually took every effort to be fashionable. I truly admire her creativity, the passion to create and the effort to look good”.
The show remained true to Chandran’s signature romantic style, sticking to sleek and elegant silhouettes continually maintaining the femininity seen throughout his collections, yet the added structure to the garments, gave the pieces an additional edge.

Inspired by the fifties, the pieces are designed to show the art of wearing this beautiful era in today’s world. The use of lightweight fabrics on pieces such as the shirt dress, body suits along with tailored pieces meant the collection had an elegant fluidity as the models walked.

Many of the garments stayed true to the era of inspiration, featuring complex yet intricate embroidery and sequined surface decoration, adding to the glitz and glamour of the era. Accessories came in the shape of super over sized holdall bags, coming in an array of materials, including black patent leather. This season saw chunky wedge heels on the footwear front, with Bernard solely responsible for their design, instead of collaborating like seasons past.

The collection stays true to the inspiration, providing simplistic explosion of glamour, set to shine throughout next summer.

David Mahoney. Online Editor. david.mahoney@what-mag.co.uk

2 thoughts on “LFW : Bernard Chandran

  1. norah nona says:

    A big shout-out to my team. Thanks for such beautiful work

  2. Nadine Reid says:

    Anytime Nora!! we all loved it!!
    Thanks being such an inspiration! You BC, KB are a serious force to be heard with!
    Big love from My MAke up team Lois, Jessica, Carol, Sam and me Nadine x x x x

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