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LFW : Ann-Sofie Back Atelje

 | Category: Fashion

Ann-Sofie Back’s newest Spring/Summer 2012 collection treated us to a show combining her two lines. The first part of the show was dedicated to her Atelje collection, and after those 12 looks were shown, the new Back collection was then showcased.

For Atelje show, Ann-Sofie took inspiration from God, holy appearances and “the crease in the tablecloth of the last supper”. The collection continued her aesthetic of minimalism, showing a mainly monochrome collection of tunics and cleverly constructed dresses, with many of the pieces featuring a creased detailing, reflecting on her tablecloth inspiration. The Atelje collection is simplistic, yet effective through the lightweight loose trousers and boxy blouses featured, to the experimentation of knits and linen in other garments.

The Back show continued where the previous collection left off, again featuring simple yet effective pieces, flattering to the female form. Lightweight dresses in a vibrant pink and tailored shorts and jackets featured, again using thin and sheer materials. A key detail that prevailed throughout show, was the use of extremely thin belts, nipping in sections of garments, giving a defined silhouette to the pieces.

Both collections were slick and coherent through their appearance, the pieces remained fresh yet current, creating timeless key staples to a female wardrobe.

Words by David Mahoney. Online Editor. david.mahoney@what-mag.co.uk
Images from Style.com

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