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The ICA in London is currently home to the first solo exhibition of iconic jewellery designer, fashion stylist and art director Judy Blame, entitled ‘Never Again’. Against a stark white backdrop, a collection of just a handful of his greatest works stand out bold, and in glass-topped cabinets we almost glimpse what his workspace could look like at any given time – lists, jewellery made from buttons and string showing us Blame’s DIY punk aesthetic. The pictures that follow are just a glimpse of the exhibit, and of some of the faces that were seen on opening night.

A short trip up the stairs in the gallery one can also glimpse the influences of Judy Blame in the wider art world, as the gallery is currently also running ‘Artistic Differences’ featuring works from the likes of the Chapman Brothers and Charles Atlas. It is also here that one can watch an interview with the man himself; exploring his early influences and where he got his start. Reeeeeally worth a watch and listen should you go!

Art1 couture clash


Exhibition Space Art3Art2 REDO

zineWhen you go to the exhibition be sure to pick up your copy of the limited edition zine that accompanies the exhibit… that is if you make it before they all go. Get there quick, or you’ll only have yourself to Blame…

Words: Donna Spiers

Images: Karen Binns and Donna Spiers

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