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Summer In The City

 | Category: Fashion

In the sticky, sweaty heat of Summer in the city, there is an oasis…and you can splash around in it all day!

Tom Ford’s newly released fragrance Azure Lime is a first-class, one way ticket to the private Caribbean island of Mustique…and this is a trip you won’t need to pack for!

There are three parts to this journey. Firstly you will dip your toes into the fresh and zesty citrus fruit salad of lime, orange and lemon notes followed by cool Oregon mint and iconic black basil.

Quickly the sneakier more flirtatious centre comes creeping through to seduce you to explore the heady aromas of perfectly blended Moroccan orris butter, Egyptian jasmine and South African buchu.

Turning up the heat and forcing you to just plunge in head first, is sea moss, oakwood, sandalwood and patchouli all coming through last of all…but by no means least in this divine desert island scent.

This intensely sexy potion will freshen your senses, dilate your pupils and leave you asking yourself…who would you like to have a frolic on the beach with?

Private Blend Azure Lime will be exclusively available from Harrods and Harrods.com from 25th July 2010 and nationwide from 1 November 2010.

Private Blend Azure Lime 50ml RRP £115.00
Private Blend Azure Lime 250ml RRP £260.00

Kavita Kaul

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