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Feiyue x Selfridges : Pop Up Shop Launch

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CGI Image Of Pop-Up Shop

Last week saw the launch of French sneaker brand Feiyue very first pop up shop at Selfridges, London.

The trainer brand has already become a phenomenon in France and after much critical and commercial success within Europe, the brand has finally made it’s way over to the UK. Model Lily Cole and electronica group Justice are already major fans of this funky brand.

FE-LO Classic Trainer

The thing that makes Feiyue so special is the fact the brand is steeped within so much heritage. The Feiyue trainer hit the streets of Shanghai back in the 1920s and saw immediate success. Although popular, the brand fell off the radar. Things got so bad the factory ,that created these wonderful shoes, was facing the possibility of closing it’s doors for good. It was in 2006 when entrepreneur Patrice Bastian and a small French team of sneaker and urban culture enthusiasts stumbled across the brand, that Feiyue was finally given the new lease of life it deserves, and was introduced to Europe.

Inspired by the arts, music, memories and world wide travels the team use these to help design the collections and to continually build upon their brand identity. These trainers appeal to the trendy, cultured, fashionable youth of today.


The label have also collaborated with luxury label Celine to create a line of trainers entitled Feiyue by Celine. The result was a merge of the beautifully clean aesthetic of Celine combined with the sporty innovative nature of Feiyue.

The entrance of the ever famous Selfridges’ shoe gallery has been created into an interactive space for the Feiyue pop-up shop (here until January 2011). The shop space is built up of wooden building blocks. Customers visiting the space will be encouraged to interact with the space by offering them cubes of different colours, to place around the shop space, allowing customers to leave their own personal touch on the space. The shop also has iPads with the Feiyue iPad app, which allows customers to design and customise their own pair of shoes. It’s the interactive nature that sums up the colourful and playful nature of this unique brand.

Selfridges Exclusive

To celebrate the launch of the pop up space, Feiyue have created an exclusive pair of shoes influenced by Selfridges. The shoe stays true to the sporty aesthetic of the label by creating a pair of high tops in black, with a bright yellow piping around the sole, staying true to Selfridges.

The name Feiyue, when translated to English, is ‘Flying Forward’, and this is exactly what this brand is going to do. They’re going to take the sneaker world, shake it for what it’s worth and fly forward and upwards. The sky’s the limit.

The Feiyue Pop-Up shop is open now at Selfridges’ Shoe Gallery and will be there until 4th January 2011.

David Mahoney
Online Editor

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