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The Perfect Circle

 | Category: Fashion

Here is the new short film by D1 Model’ to showcase some of the new, hot and upcoming talent on their books in an outdoor rave to electronic sounds that send you to dance on…

Directed by Daniel Turner (one of D1’s own!)

Take a look for yourself at this fun video and see exactly what D1 has to offer…

Producer – Kristyna Sellnerova
Art Director – Neil Ingall
Director of Photography – Davey Gilder
Styling – Tasha Maidment
Make-Up – Michelle Webb
Editing/Colourist – Daniel Turner

Camera Assistant – Rob Hawkins
Lighting – James Neal
2nd Camera – Nick Ogden
Wardrobe Assistant – Awen Teifi

Assistant Art Department – Liam Heath
Assistant Make-Up – Erika & Lea
Assistant Set-Build – Shane Bowen

Stills/Back-Stage – Chris Chudleigh / Grif Kerry
Set Photographer – Philip Dunlop

Runner – Alex Morris / Vladimir

Models (all d1):
Isadora Tanner
Louis Yearwood
Paul Scott
Alise Willis
Aaron Frew
Jazz Jamieson
Abigail Rose
Sooanne Berner
Joe Sanders
Xulin Liu
Felix Ollerearnshaw
Meghan Haggerty
Sycha Mubiaya
Samantha Ker

David Mahoney

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