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There’s sensible fashion, then there’s foolish fashion, but who’s to say that foolish fashion can’t be every day?


Combining their love of travel and fashion, friends Costanza della Torre e Tasso & Salomé Chichinadze are embarking on the very first FOFOLLES WORLD pop up series, kicking off in London on Friday 11th December for 3 days at exclusive pop up venue 19 Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge.


Taking its name from the French for “Foolish”, FOFOLLES WORLD will be popping up in the world’s fashion capitals and shopping destinations, showcasing a plethora of designers from all over the world. But what’s the catch? FOFOLLES WORLD aims to reflect the style of the city it appears in. “FOFOLLES WORLD tries to identify which products suit best the location. For example, London preference in style might differ from Middle East, Asia or even other European cities. Therefore, FOFOLLES WORLD tries to advise designers on which specific pieces suit the targeted audience at various destinations.” Say Constanza and Salomé.


FOFOLLES WORLD’s premier pop up will showcase the works of Muzungu Sisters, Spektre Sunglasses, Lalo Cardigans, Lowellita, 711, Leivankash, DA/00D, Corlette London, Alicia Brion ,MAE by Sara, YOSUZI, My Style Bags, Il Pigiamino and LNZ to kick off the proceedings of the 3 day pop up, solidifying their want to present colourful, fun, unique and on trend designers to the world.


To seek out designers that fit the FOFOLLES WORLD ethos, the girls admit that Instagram is a major source of inspiration, “[an] online platform such as Instagram is very helpful, as it allows you to connect with brands on more personal level and see whether its “character” fits with FOFOLLES concept.”


So what’s next for FOFOLLES WORLD: “The initial plan was to popup in Paris next, however due to high demand in London, we might be coming back this spring. We will also do summer destinations such as Mykonos and St Tropez and by Autumn we will be expanding into Middle East.”


For more information on FOFOLLES WORLD London pop up event visit: 19beauchampplace.com

Words Hannah Shakir

Jacket – by Lowellita
Hat – by YOSUZI
Wool cardigan image – by Lalo Cardigans

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