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What?! Exhibits : Jonathan Lasker at Timothy Taylor Gallery

 | Category: Culture

Timothy Taylor Gallery launch of an exhibition of paintings from the 1980s by the American artist Jonathan Lasker.

In a career spanning over thirty years Lasker has addressed the question of how painting might progress after Minimalism.
Through his distinctive approach and style of abstract painting, the artist chose to stand up to the progression of Modernism at a time when painting was under attack. Lasker’s particular commitment to the medium and its history, coupled with optimism for its future, has proven hugely influential to younger generations who have been similarly reluctant to leave painting for dead.
Central to his investigation has been the re-examination of picture making itself. Elements are opposed with backgrounds which are at times geometric and at others decorative, to create figure/ground relationships, spatial depth and movement. Using paint in a manner reminiscent of collage, the artist ‘detaches’ and repeats motifs. The strong use of colour make these paintings immediately arresting and are well represented in the Timothy Taylor Gallery space. The paintings are both timeless and modern with a nod to the decorative that leaves the viewer uplifted by the combinations of colours used and the graphic randomness of the lines made on the canvas.

Jonathan Lasker was himself in the gallery and refreshingly resembled a City Stock Broker rather than a struggling artist or a Hoxtonite. He was attired in a way that suggests he takes his work and painting seriously but all done with a element of fun and whimsy that suggested a man with highly developed aesthetics.

The show continues until the 23 December 2011.

by Samson Soboye
What?! Online Contributor

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  1. Well received and well laid out – really pleased to see my 1st published article for WHAT?

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