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What?! Beauty – You Don’t Have To Rough It

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Over the last few years, the men’s cosmetic industry has exploded. With skincare coming to the forefront of importance in a man’s daily regime, there is now enough out there to give us girls a run for our money in terms of luxury and quality. With an increase in options, comes an increase in awareness with a new breed of man, and the discerning male customer may find himself in a haze of confusion, trying to find the right product amongst all that’s now being offered.

So where does skincare start for a gent? Well from an outsider’s perspective, you could have all the best creams in the world waiting to be applied, but before that, there comes the dreaded morning shave. Having to scrape one’s face with a razor could not be a comfortable experience I imagine and shaving can leave skin red, raw and furious.

On asking some fellas who do shave daily what that means for their skin, and what could make it a better experience for them, the majority said the same thing. Firstly you have to get off on the right foot with the right shaving gel/crème/oil. Alright, so let’s start from the beginning.

The Dior Homme Dermo System enveloped in elegant black, white, glass and steel bottles is modern, minimalist and not to be underestimated. With a limited number of products for each stage of the self-care routine, it is uncomplicated and packed with all the latest technology that ensures the highest quality of results.

The Protective Shaving Crème has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients which makes what is commonly an abrasive experience into an effortlessly smooth one.
In an unfussy tube, the crème is packed with Bioecolia, an ingredient derived from a natural sugar complex. Bioecolia is fantastic for strengthening and protecting the pH balance of skin as it inhibits the growth of unfriendly bacteria.

The abrasiveness of shaving leaves the skin wide open to all kinds of nasties to irritate and infect and the Protective Shaving Crème shields the skin whilst leaving it well conditioned, re-balanced and supple.

So for those of you who have to face yourself, bleary eyed in the mirror every morning for your daily ablutions, the Protecting Shaving Crème goes a long way towards a smooth start to the day.

By Kavita Kaul
Beauty Writer

Christian Dior – Dior Homme Dermo System
Protective Shaving Crème – 125ml tube – £29.00

Photographer: James Meade
Make-up: Kavita Kaul

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