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What?! Beauty – Topman Fragrance and Grooming Range

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In a world where modern day men are taking more pride in their appearance than ever, it feels natural that one of the world’s biggest menswear high street retailers should create their own grooming line and fragrance. After five years of intense research and deliberation, Topman has launched this debut line of menswear products. The store worked independently from corporate agencies to work in house in collaboration with Agent Provocateur parfum creator Azzi Glasser.

The decision to work in house, meant that Topman could focus on important elements, such as the quality of the ingredients used, and the design of the very sleek packaging these pieces come in. We at What?! were very excited to try these new pieces and reached for the bottle of Parfum No. 27. Described by Azzi Glasser as “a wildaccord of clarysage, anise and neroli with a magnetic character of vetiver and nutmeg for the heart and added tenacity to the end composition with four notes of oakmoss, frankincense, cedarwood and skin penetrated musks”, the end product is a soft, fresh and clean scent that doesn’t overpower the senses, instead coating them with this sweet concoction. Whereas other’s mens scents are boastful, this is a slightly softer, lighter smell, strong yet understated at the same time.

The collection also features hair putty, which also carries the 27 fragrance. Little is needed to help shape the hair, whilst the putty maintains a hold. Unlike other hair putties, this leaves little sticky residue on the owner’s hands, whilst making your hair smell wonderful, complimenting the fragrance. The putty also allows movement and the ability to mould and change your hair style throughout the day.

The body wash continues with the 27 scent, and is a great way to also enjoy this scent. A small amount is needed to create the soft lather, that when washed off leaves the skin hydrated, smooth and rich of scent.

Candles are also offered in the collection in two different scents, Sage and Amber. Where sage is reminiscent of the herb it’s subtle and lingers in the room. Amber packs more of a punch, and like it’s name, adds heat and warmth to the room. Although candles are deemed more feminine, these scents are both sweet and subtle, yet most masculine. Perfect for a bachelor pad, or a simple comprise for a lady friend’s love of all things candle and scented.

Gordon Richardson, the design director for Topman stated: “For Topmn to be taken seriously in the toiletries arena, it was crucial to make sure that we were able to produce a range of grooming products that were both affordable and luxurious at the same time.” Affordable and luxurious, is exactly what these products are.

Azzi Glasser further adds: “I wanted to create fragrances that would really stand-out in today’s congested marketplace and for me it is essential to have the best quality of ingredient that can represent the brands personality and lead the high street. This was challenging in sourcing the perfect ingredients to fit the two concepts for men and designing and tooling all the componentry that will visually portray the cool and edge image of the Topman consumer”. The products do stand out in their subtle masculinity, whilst also creating a whole lifestyle for the Topman customer, the scent completes the consumer’s style from the store.

This collection of products complements each other well, making it a complete package, you need all of them, not just one. At a wonderful price point of £15 for a bottle of aftershave, you can hardly refuse. In a time of economic crunch, it’s great that gentleman can reach for an affordable product that works whilst making you feel like a top man.

The Topman grooming range is available from all Topman stores along with all Boots stores in the UK and http://www.topman.com

by David Mahoney
What?! Online Editor

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