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What?! Beauty: The Bottomless Pit

 | Category: Beauty

A woman’s handbag, that ominous pouch; a veritable black hole from which we often pull forth the most extraordinarily random items. Take Mary Poppins for example, she pulled out an entire hatstand from hers! Now I’m not as bad as Ms. Poppins but me and probably every other woman out there definitely have a few staples that are not to be left home without.

Amongst the frou-frou I might have with me on any given day these are 5 heroes I never leave behind.

Estee Lauder’s Maximum Coverage Foundation.
This stuff is bloody brilliant! Beware, it is a hardcore foundation, but it can be used several ways. I use it as concealer, as a base if I’m really desperate and need intense coverage, or mixed with moisturiser for a lighter touch, my personal favourite. I never need powder with it and it doesn’t crease, smudge or budge. I’ve used it forever and will continue to have a tube in my makeup bag for the foreseeable future.

Elizabeth Arden’s 8hr Cream.
This is an institution in the beauty industry for all the right reasons. I use it as lip balm mostly but for a fresher look have put some on my eyelids, patted a little bit on top of lipstick to give it a bit of sheen, and have been known to use tiny amounts to smooth flyaway hairs. Some massage it into their nails, use it on cuts, bruises, burns, bites (of the insect kind); ‘tis an all around wonder balm that goes with me everywhere.

A bottle of water.
Boring I know, but being dehydrated is not a feeling I relish, so drink up!

A book.
So I can appear intelligent.

Hand Cream.
I adore Neal’s Yard Melissa Hand Cream for a fresh Lemony zing and mega moisturisation.

If wondering the streets of London town a 6th item would hopefully be a pair of fabulous sunglasses, Tom Ford for this Summer,but the sad truth is that it might have to be an umbrella. It is London after all!

Now, night-time is a whole different situation! The water and book can definitely go, no room in the clutch for those! The 8hr cream might also need to be rethought in favour of something a bit glossier. So the PM must-haves would run as:

Estee Lauder Maximum Coverage Foundation.
Lipgloss: at the moment I’m devouring Dior’s Lip Polish Smoothing Lacquer.
Perfume: I would definitely carry a seductive scent such as Bond. No. 9’s Silver Factory for added sensuality.
Eyeliner: I love Elizabeth Arden’s Gunmetal for an intense grey that’s perfect for making eyes and someone.
Now this is controversial but some ladies have been known to carry a pair of disposable knickers, I’m not naming names!

One last, but perhaps most important item that follows me everywhere, my beloved, sometimes hated, sometimes ignored, definitely battered Blackberry; where would I be without it!

And there it is, the contents on my bag…you feel me ladies!?

By Kavita Kaul
Beauty Writer

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