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What?! Beauty – Waging War on Your T-Zone

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Us women like to think of men as petrified of the dreaded ‘C’ word – commitment! But c’mon fellas, 5-10 minutes once or twice a week…that’s doable right!? This teeny tiny amount of time…a weekly ‘commitment’ let’s say, is all it would take to tackle your t-zone and emerge victorious from the battle between you and your oily/dry/enlarged/congested pores. Whatever the issue may be…there’s a little tube of salvation available…actually two tubes to be precise.

Proclaimed as being the very first men’s skincare line, since 1965 Baxter of California has had a range of high quality, low cost products in delightfully old skool packaging; offering guys a remedy to many a frustrating skin situation, you need be mystified by your skin no longer.

The Clarifying Clay Mask is a deep cleansing and purifying treatment to help soothe and hydrate the skin. Used weekly it will cleanse and tighten clogged pores, and relieve your skin of any congestion it might be suffering from.

With nutritious ingredients such as Aloe, Avocado, Witch Hazel and Golden Seal, a satisfying smear over the t-zone, or whole face and neck will help to produce softer skin and a clearer more toned complexion that you will find addictive!

Baxter of California’s tube of goodness provides a slightly more traditional, yet still very current approach that is a nice balance to the offerings of the younger brand Menscience. Providing guys with equally great and easy products to tackle their every skin concern, using the Menscience Facial Cleansing Mask weekly will prove that with a little bit of love you can easily have enviably great skin.

Containing pulverized Green Tea to combat free-radicals and act as an anti-oxidant, Wheat, Soy and Hyaluronic Acid to help moisturise, this clay based mask also detoxifies and revitalises skin.

So you’re spoiled for choice chaps!

Since women have the “I can’t come out I’m washing my hair” excuse, it’s only fair for you men to have one too. How about “I can’t come out I’m giving myself a facial”?

By Kavita Kaul
Beauty Writer

Baxter of California
Clarifying Clay Mask – £18- 120ml
Available at:-
Carter and Bond – ‘Barber & Shop’ at 83 Westbourne Park Road, Notting Hill, W2 5QH   http://www.carterandbond.com
Bluebird, Kings Road  http://www.theshopatbluebird.com/spa-and-beauty
YMC –Soho & Spitalfields –  http://www.youmustcreate.com
The Garbstore – Notting Hill http://www.couvertureandthegarbstore.com

Facial Cleansing Mask – £27 – 3oz
Available at: http://www.mankind.co.uk
Brummells of London
43-45 Portman Square
London W1H 6HN, UK

Photographer – Ken Kamara
Make-up – Nadia Braz
Retouching thanks to Colin Ellis

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