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What?! Beauty : It’s a Global Revitalizer Revolution

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For centuries, women have been sampling, testing, trying, smothering and slathering skincare products onto various body parts; it’s part of being a woman, and a feminine joy; not so much for the fellas.

Guys, having taken the plunge and deciding it’s ok to make the most of what God (and your folks) gave you and finding yourself at the skincare counter, I know all too well how baffling the next step can be; there are high tech lotions and potions enough to drown oneself in.

If it’s simplicity you seek, the functional and fuss-free Sisleÿum Global Revitalizer is perfect for the man about town.

Instead of creating a range of products, Sisley chose to create one product (with two formulations for differing skin types) that tackled several needs.

The Global Revitalizer –
1. Provides moisture and nutrition.
2. Repairs aggravated skin post-shaving.
3. Targets shine with a matifying effect.
4. Eenergises fatigued skin.
and, most importantly:
5.attacks early signs of aging.

1 sexy gunmetal stainless steel bottle, 5 results.

You’re thinking, how is this possible? What’s in this?

Moisture and nutrition is provided by Sunflower oil (rich in Oleic acid), Padina Pavonica creates a reservoir for the skin to stop moisture loss and Wild Pansy contains proteins that act as water channels to increase water circulation within the skin.
Razor burn relief comes from organically grown Swiss White Horehound Shea butter, and Allantoin helps treat and heal cuts and burns.

To aid in strengthening and recovering the skin’s vitality, the Revitalizer is packed with magnesium rich Olivina to “reactivate the cell’s energy metabolism”. Mineral compounds Malachite (for copper), Rhodocrosite (manganese) and Smithsonite (zinc) work together to create a shield against free radicals. Vitamin E and Dog Rose bring up the rear and re-enforce the anti-free radical barrier.
Firmness and wrinkle reduction come to you by way of Alkekengi Calyx, Padina Pavonica and White Willow; Vitamin A regulates cell turnover and Marjoram, Sage and Rosemary soothe and calm the skin.
It’s matifying.

As well as that long list of complicated sounding ingredients, there are two great smelling formulations; an oil-free, light gel/crème for normal or combination/oily skin great for the Summer, and a cream for normal/dry skin which is more hydrating for those who need it daily, or just in the Winter.

The bottle is elegant, the product simple to use, the results, satisfying; Sisley have successfully created a one-stop-shop for all your skincare needs, and it’s name is Sisleÿum Global Revitalizer.

By Kavita Kaul
Beauty Writer

Sisleÿum for men (RRP £150) is available at specialist department stores including Selfridges and Harrods.

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