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What?! Beauty – Eye Spy

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Have you ever got up in the morning after a good night sleep, looked in the mirror and thought, ‘Oh My God… I look so tired.’ Your eyes are puffy or worse still you have dark shadows under them. One would think you’ve been partying all night long with none of the fringe benefits. Or maybe you’ve reached for a magnifying glass to remove stray hairs from your eyebrows and have been confronted with fine lines you were previously unaware of. Your confidence gets a knock back.

Male or female, it’s not a good way to start your day.

If you think you look tired, you will go through the whole day feeling tired.

We are what we put in our heads. Our thoughts become our reality.

So a good eye cream is one of your most important beauty purchases.

Why do you ask?

Technically you should use a separate product that is formulated especially for the sensitive skin around the eyes.

As a working make-up artist my preferences are eye gels.

Blink do a hydra eye-gel which sorts out all those unwanted moments in the mirror, leaving you with just one question.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all”

It contains Vitamins A and E, which help assist in the elimination of fine lines and wrinkles. It firms and tones the skin under the eyes with ingredients such as natural Honey and Rosewater, this helps diminish puffiness whilst soothing the eye area. It also contains rice extracts, which lighten dark circles making concealer a thing of the past.

“I use a good moisturizer, is that not good enough?” is a question I’m often asked.

A face moisturizer is formulated for the skin on the face, and therefore is not Ophthalmologically tested. Meaning they are not specifically formulated to work near the eyes and can cause irritation and other such problems.

An eye-cream or gel can help target certain concerns you may have now or later on in life.

If you need to de-puff eyes or reduce under eye circles, a regular moisturizer just won’t do the job.

BLINK: Hydra Eye Gel@ £24 is well worth a try and I give it a 9/10
Blink are on a mission to make the brows (and lashes) of Britain brilliant. Vanita Parti founded Blink in 2004 and has since gone on to make it possible for everyone to have perfectly threaded and groomed brows. A winner of the CEW Achiever Award, Vanita has been credited for single-handedly pioneering brow service standards and techniques to a whole new level. Get Blinked!

For further information on Blink products and services, please contact Hilary Vallières at Monty PR E: hilary@montypr.com / T: 020 8749 3624

By Norah Nona. Beauty Editor. norah.nona@what-mag.co.uk

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