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What?! Beauty – Sake and Skincare

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What do you think of when you think of things Japanese? Geisha? Technology? Sushi and Sake? Admittedly they are all stereo-types, however that doesn’t mean they are to be dismissed as irrelevant.

Now that we are staring 2011 in the face, as with every New Year comes all kinds of resolutions, promises and hopes to feel better, be better and look better; and along with those comes the desperate struggle to try and achieve them.

Well I’m in the same boat as everyone else in trying to figure out the first two, but when it comes to looking better…I think I may have found a formula towards being able to tick that box.

Technology + Sake = SK-II

Harnessing the strangely preserving qualities of a specific kind of fermented yeast found in Sake, Pitera is SK-II’s legendary, but not so secret, yet definitely exclusive ingredient.

Found throughout their skincare, SK-II have taken their technology a step further this year and are proud to present a few new products that are luxurious, alluring just plain lovely.

On the journey to bring forth the best of oneself, an ally can be found in the yummy “skindulgent” Ultimate Revival Cream; its job is to help you achieve “your best skin”…yes please!

For those of us at a certain age whose concerns turn to anti-aging, the Ultimate Revival Cream works hard to help your skin help itself essentially. It strengthens the structure of the skin so that moisture is retained for longer and the SK-II three-tiered formula can be absorbed throughout the day.

Firstly firming, secondly optimising and thirdly nourishing, the ingredients of this moisturiser are simply awesome. Three key elements are, for the first time in the SK-II range, doubly concentrated Pitera to intensely moisturise, the newly developed peptide F-nectin to aid restructuring of the skin, and the indulgent Centifloria Rose Absolute harvested only once a year in Grasse, France, provides the final element of sumptuousness by whisking you off into sensory bliss.

The Ultimate Revival Cream should come with a warning label – not for the faint hearted…but only for those who are resolute about diving into the deep end and unleashing their best!

The other addition that definitely deserves a generous mention is their new Cellumination Collection. This duo comprises of the Cellumination Essence and Cellumination Cream…and if you haven’t figure it out already…the aim of these twins is to illuminate your complexion and reveal your inner radiance.

Containing the Aura Bright Complex, the products work hand in hand to help refine the surface of the skin through hydration, thereby creating the most even toned, bright and luminescent skin I have ever experienced.

The Cellumination Essence firstly “infuses the skin with essential moisture” and followed by the intensive daily moisture gel, the Cellumination moisturiser is light and refreshing and leaves your skin pleasingly plumped.

If smooth, radiant, hydrated skin is what you’re after (and I can’t imagine any woman wouldn’t want those results) then the Cellumination Collection is where the search ends.

So with Spring/Summer soon to be upon us and another year before us, there is usually much dithering as to which foot to put forward first. As SK-II quite rightly assert…it should always be your best. So careful what you wish for…you just might get it.

By Kavita Kaul
Beauty Writer

SK-II products are exclusive to Harrods and deliverable nationwide via http://www.harrods.com

Ultimate Revival Cream £190 rrp
SK-II Cellumination Essence £95rrp* 30ml
SK-II Cellumination Cream £95rrp* 50ml



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