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Good Vibrations

 | Category: Beauty

With the undeniable arrival of winter comes the struggle to maintain that fresh summer glow. Central heating comes on, cold weather whips the skin into a frenzy of red blotches and dry patches…it’s not sexy!

In the battle of winter vs. Clarisonic however…there is no competition! The Clarisonic Skincare System emerges the champion every time.

Created by the mastermind David Giuliani, the brains behind the amazing Sonicare toothbrush, the Clarisonic combines cutting edge technology and engineering to change the way you clean your skin permanently.
When I first received the Clarisonic I thought it looked like something NASA had created. Sleek and water tight I skimmed through the instructions for use and then set to giving it a go.

With the brush head oscillating more than 300 times per second, this sonic micro massager produces a pleasant gentle hum, like a friendly UFO.
Whilst the device does the pulsing, it’s up to you to use circular motions to buff the skin, and with a handy beep signalling time to move on to the next area of your face…this thing is fool proof.

After two uses only I was shocked and immediately addicted! My skin never felt so smooth and the most amazing thing is that because the sonic vibrations penetrate the skin deeply and stimulate layers of the skin that we can’t do manually…you will find your skin thirsty for product like never before.

Every lotion and potion I own was suddenly being absorbed by my skin like I’d never experienced; and each product was working harder and better for my skin.
I still find it miraculous how the Clarisonic has not just changed how my skin looks and feels, but how my skin actually functions on a deeper level.

Cleansing the skin up to 6 times better than you ever could by hand, my skin has never been so thoroughly cleansed, never looked smoother or firmer, and my pores are tighter than they ever have been…there seems to be no end of benefits.

So my conclusion is that for this upcoming party season…instead of spending money on a pair of heels that will make you feel fabulous for a few minutes… spend that money on the Clarisonic and it will make you feel fabulous for as long as you use it. The Clarisonic isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for life!

Kavita Kaul

The Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System for the face and body is available at Harrods, Selfridges, Fenwicks, Bentalls and SpaceNK stores nationwide as well as growing list of spas and salons. The Clarisonic Plus £175 which includes two brush heads, three cleansers and a body polish. More information including a list of stockists: or telephone 0800 988 4864.

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  1. Clarisonic says:

    We loved your review! Especially the NASA commet-we think skincare is serious business:) Thanks for your kind words and spreading the love for the Clarisonic! Happy Holidays!

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